Minimalism Challenge – The Great Declutter

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Less is more….

Embracing a New Normal

Hubby and I heard about the Minimalism trend a few years ago and didn’t think too much more about it, then I got sucked into The Minimalist’s Podcast. Joshua and Ryan make it all seem so easy, and you are left wondering why you haven’t jumped onto the minimalism wagon well before now. ┬áSo here we are, ready for The Great Declutter of 2017, ready to embrace a new way of being, embrace the minimalism way of life. Our next step, a Minimalism Challenge.

We have always kept our clutter to a minimum. I am guilty of an excess of Christmas Decorations, and may have had an extensive collection of romance novels, but the more we move around, the smaller our collection. When we first met we both had limited belongings. My meagre amount could fit into a duffle bag with a ute load of furniture. Dave (Hubby) was able to fit his belonging in the hatch of his old Astra and together we barely filled our home. 10 years later and we have a fully kitted out home. Unfortunately, we have also accumulated odd bits and pieces that we need to get rid of. Tupperware without lids, clothes we have been meaning to fit back into, and 1 too many random things that we have no idea where they came from. So after a failed attempt at Konmari-ing (no I was not going to talk to my socks), we are now ready to face the Minimalism Challenge and embrace a less complicated, clutter free life.

The Minimalism Challenge

The minimalism challenge is simple. Each day you get rid of the same number of items as the day number. For example, Day 1 – get rid of 1 item, Day 2 – 2 items, Day 3 – 3 items…etc etc. Looking at our home you could initially be fooled to believe we wouldn’t have that much, but looks can be deceiving.

What do I hope to achieve?

Our main goal is to simplify our lives. We have so many goals that the excess energy wasted on excess stuff is really cumbersome and draining. I would rather invest my time in building our businesses, furthering my education and building a family, rather than organising stuff. It is also becoming more aware how much money we spend on this stuff. Do I really need 30 pens? yes they only cost $2 each, but all up that is $60 for pens that sit in a drawer for years on end. Let alone notebooks, paper, pencils etc, and yet we spend thousands on smart phones and computers to use instead of these items. This is just my office, Dave has his own and then we have the rest of the house.

By the end of this 30 day minimalism challenge, we hope to see a transformed home. I want to open drawers and find them nearly bare, with just the necessities. I want to open the cupboards and have clear organisation and know where everything is. I want my linen cupboard to look as great as Iryna’s from From Great Beginnings.

Now onto the challenge…..


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