Designing a Living Room we Love Part 1

Beginnings…we all have to start somewhere

After 9 years of marriage you would think that we would have finally replaced all of our second hand furniture and upgraded our home to look less like the shack of a bunch of university kids, but alas, no. Hubby and I are massive fans of renovated furniture, unfortunately, a little less fans of actually doing it. So currently our house is a mish mash of designs, a lot of ratty furniture and at times furniture we pick up, literally, off the side of the road. This year’s mission – have a grown up house. So our first endeavour, style our lounge room and have a room we are proud to show off.

A lot of time has been spent deciding on colours that will look modern, fairly traditional and elegant, I believe we have found a great combination. Hubby has been quite hesitant but has finally relented and trusts my vision, now to implement. I have chosen dark blue, (actual colour to be determined), a lighter blue/green, cream and accents of gold.

lounge colour scheme


Up until recently, (last month), we have had a 3 seater sofa we picked up of ebay for $40. It was a pretty good buy, a second hand freedom sofa that had been in a granny flat for a few years but took up too much space. The lounge was great when we bought it, but 5 years later, a couple of dogs, a few messy nieces and a husband and it was in need of replacing. We started looking at what we could buy and had an idea in mind, but then I looked on gumtree. Blame the bargain hunter in me, okay call it the miser in me, but I happened to find a very good quality sofa pair for $30. So one sunny saturday morning we hired a trailer, and after a horrid morning of squabbling we got it home. It is a great sofa set, custom made, good quality fabric, easy on my back (I have arthritis in my lower spine), and fits the lounge room beautifully.

The problem… to recover this lounge will cost the same as to buy a new one, and there is no padding on the back, only cushions. So our options are: 1. have recovered and make back cushions or 2. buy a new lounge. We are thinking option 2 is part of this years plan.

Our current TV unit is again a second hand buy, this time a facebook buy page. It is missing a handle, and it needs to be refurbed, this is a future project.

This week’s project is the entry table, again another Gumtree buy. The plan is that these 2 varnished items will be repainted blue with brushed gold cabinetry.

All other bits and piece will be replaced. We need a coffee table, possibly a chair, a rug and soft furnishings. We are bit fans of the French Provincial style, but with a mix of modern colours, but will share a bit more of this in part 2.


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  1. Ugh I can totally relate to having to deal with mismatched furniture. That’s what my entire house is now, but it’s easy to see how much it helps you save if you do rooms and projects one room at a time!

    1. we will get there! At least we can enjoy being a little naughty and still eating in the lounge room until the new lounge arrives 😉

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