2017…New Beginnings and New Experiences

The best part about a new year is the anticipation of a new beginning. A clean slate where everything that happened before the stroke of midnight no longer matters. In keeping with the spirit of this, here we are. A brand new blog, ready to take 2017 by the horns and become the place to go when you want to know all about rocking married life…well and single life is you want.

So a little about me. My name is Katrina, and this site is to share with you everything I learn on my quest to learn all sorts of random stuff. My favourite topics include making my house feel and look amazing (I’m still in the beginning stages), cook delicious food & drinks, dabble in a little DIY and find ways to make married life more enjoyable and exciting. Popping up often will also be lots of organising and planning info and tips. It is a strong belief that a clear and clutterfree environment leads to a clear and clutterfree mind frame, unfortunately 2016 confirmed this, and now my home is looking a little worse for wear.

I currently am employed full time, working as a Customer Services Manager. During this role I have built up the After Sales part of a business from a much complained about department, to doubling it’s sales in 1 year. I spend much of my time marketing and brainstorming innovative ways to engage our customers and create a great shopping experience. This is a new experience for me, prior to this I have worked in Finance and Business Management in many different industries, but have found that I have excelled and know I can bring these strong skills to help you guys reading.

I will also be sharing a lot in regards to my marriage and our struggle for a family. This year celebrates our 10th wedding anniversary, and 10 years of infertility. This year we are on a mission – Strengthen our already strong marriage and start IVF.

So grab a coffee and join me while I share little bits and pieces, and hopefully add just a little to your life.

Kat xo



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